What we do

We help your business succeed by building custom cloud native applications. We leverage functional programming principles and apply modern DevOps practices with emphasis on scalability and maintainability.

You will work directly with the founder who specializes in architecting and building highly scalable, secure and compliant cloud native applications while applying modern DevOps practices that will empower your team to be faster, more productive, have more insight into what's going on in production and eliminate fear of deployments and rollbacks.


Developing custom, cloud native applications and DevOps tooling in Haskell, Python and Purescript.

Architecting and instrumenting cloud infrastructure on AWS or GCP. Setting up managed as well as self hosted Kubernetes clusters for your team to deploy highly available applications.

Builtin compliance and security best practices (eg. HIPAA).

Automated one button deploys and automated CI/CD pipelines.

Custom ad-hoc CI/CD pipelines that allow your team to deploy a PR to a production similar environment. Once the PR is merged the ad-hoc environment gets teared down.

Setting up a centralized secret store based on Hashicorp Vault with seamless integration with your CI/CD pipeline and Kubernetes clusters.

Setting up centralized monitoring and logging solution based on Prometheus, Alertmanager, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

Automate DNS entries, SSL certificates and hooks into monitoring/metrics and logging solutions. Remove gatekeepers and empower your team.

Reusable infrastructure-as-code modules. Documentation and Training for your in-house team.


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